What to Expect

What to Expect

Retreat Expectations

Ayahuasca is uniquely capable of aligning your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. It is totally normal that you have questions and concerns about coming to the Andes for this powerful transformational work. Please check out Frequently Asked Questions, here. Or, ask us anything, here by writing Contact@TheWayInn.com. Our team will make you as comfortable as possible during your journey.

Most seekers experience physical cleansing during the first few days. This time is easy for some and challenging or difficult for others. In our belief system, purging is a positive, necessary phase that prepares you for better things to come. Specifically, we believe detoxification and purging clear karmic debt, physical illnesses and heavier energies that keep you from your best life. Seekers who set an intention to trust the process seem to be more comfortable overall and get more out of their experiences here, than seekers who resist the medicine taking charge.

In our tradition, reincorporation and transformation continue long after your return home. We believe the best outcome is for plant medicine insights to become incorporated into your daily life. This is why we make strong suggestions for continuing the Dieta restrictions and other supporting practices.

Life in the Andes