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Travel Support

Support: From Lima to Lodge

Our friendly, supportive and loving staff is with you every step of the way. Travelling to a remote part of a foreign country can be daunting to even the most intrepid of explorers. To alleviate these stresses, our pre-retreat department is with you from your first contact with us until you arrive at our front door, helping with all your questions and travel logistics from Lima to the lodge.

Whether traveling by bus or plane, our friendly taxi drivers will meet you in Huaraz and deliver you safely into our hands, whereupon our retreat director will settle you into your comfortable, cozy room. Once you have settled in, we will then take you through a complete orientation of both our facilities and an in depth introduction on how we work with the plant medicines.

From the moment you arrive at The Way Inn, your work with the sacred plant medicines begins. Being a modern human, chances are you’re coming from a stressful environment, so we immediately get to work administering plant teas that help regulate and balance your nervous system in order to better prepare you to dive deeper into your medicine work.

What to Bring
  • Head Lamp or Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Layered Clothing (Including Warm Layers)
  • White coloured clothing for Ceremonies.
  • Coconut Oil (Cold-Pressed)
  • Rain Gear
  • Natural Sun Protection (organic if possible)
  • Natural Bug Spray (There are no mosquitos, however, there are biting flies.)
  • Daypack
  • Sun Hat
  • Bathing Suit (for fresh water pond)
  • Some Peruvian money (Soles for massage, local crafts, taxi, etc.)

Practical Travel Advice

Travel to Peru and The Way Inn

Flying to Peru

Currently all flights to Peru go through Lima, the capital of Peru on the west coast. If you shop around online and book early there are sometimes some good deals to be found. SkyScanner and are valuable tools for finding cheap and convenient flights to Peru. The Uber car service app works pretty well in Lima and may help overcome the Spanish language barrier for ease of getting around town.

Staying in Lima

Many international flights to Lima arrive in the evening so you will often need to stay at least one night in Lima before travel to Huaraz. It is ideal to spend a day or two in Huaraz for high altitude acclimatization.

Peruvian Currency

The currency of the realm is the Peruvian nuevo sol. Making change in Peru is often a problem. You should carry small bills and even then be prepared to wait for change. Automated teller machines (ATMs) are the best way of getting cash in Peru; they’re found in most towns and cities, although not on every street corner. ATMs allow customers to withdraw money in either Peruvian soles or U.S. dollars. Screen instructions are in English as well as Spanish. Some bank ATMs dispense money only to those who hold accounts there.

Hotels in Lima

The nicest and safest part of Lima to stay in is Miraflores which is about a 30 or 40 minute drive from the airport depending on traffic. Most hotels and good hostels will pick you up from the airport if you arrange it with them (and we recommend you do).

To find really good hostels and budget hotels we recommend using the Hostelworld where you can see the overall ratings of the best hostels in Lima.Near the airport the most convenient, albeit not cheap, hotel is the airport Ramada Inn which is literally right across the street from the airport and there is a Skyway that connects the airport to the Hotel Ramada. In addition, there is one hotel that is reasonably priced and clean – Vista Del Sol. The hostels around the airport are quite grim and we do not have any to recommend. Please let us know if you find a decent hostel around the airport.

A very decent Hotel is Hotel Señorial, located in Miraflores. It is the hotel of choice for most of the staff at The Way Inn as it is very clean, comfortable, and employs a very friendly staff. However, it is a taxi ride from the airport and may not be for travelers on a budget.

There will be a few days during your retreat when you will need to totally unplug. However, we understand that in today’s world you many need regular access to the Internet in order to run your business. If this is the case for you, please contact us to discuss how to best balance your medicine process with your other responsibilities.

Traveling to Huaraz

Retreats take place at The Way Inn, which is a mountain lodge situated at 3,700m on the western flank of the Andes, surrounded by stunning views of the snow capped mountains.

Altitude Sickness

The Way Inn is located high in the Andean mountains (3700 M) or (12,000 FT). We Recommend drinking at least 3 liters on the day you make the journey to the centre. Coca Tea and Ginger Tea can also alleviate the symptom. This will help you acclimatize to the altitude. If you have had any problem in the past with altitude sickness in the past, please inform us in the other comments section on the booking form.

Bus Travel

There are several bus companies with high quality luxury buses out of Lima. Our favorite is Movil Tours. They have offices in Lima and near the airport in Los Olivos. There are several departure options including a night bus. The trip takes approximately seven hours from Lima. Their website is Movil Tours We can arrange/reserve your ticket in advance. Please let us know on the Booking Form if you would like us to do this. Catching the bus has the added advantage of allowing your body to adjust to the altitude gradually. The cost of travelling to Huaraz from Lima is approximately $35-$50 USD each way depending on the seat class. We will send you full details of how to travel here upon registration. There are also flights to Huaraz from Lima. They cost between $90-$125 USD each way.

Taxi Travel

Taxis around central Huaraz cost 3-8 soles depending on distance. A taxi (if arranged with us) from Huaraz up to The Way Inn costs 50 soles per taxi (4 people per taxi). We can arrange a group taxi the day of the retreat from The California Cafe at 10:00AM. The cost of the taxi is then split among those riding up. If you would like this option please indicate this when you book your retreat or program with us.

If you are flying into Huaraz, the taxi is 50 soles from the airport to Huaraz. If you are going from the airport directly up to the retreat center, the cost is 100 soles. We can arrange a taxi to pick you up at the airport if you let us know a few days in advance.

In Huaraz we recommend:

Caroline Lodging
Tel: (+51) 43 422588
Urb Avitentel MzD, Lt 1
Approximate Cost:
Dorms $5 USD
Double $18 USD


Albergue Churup
Tel: (+51) 43 424200
Amedeo Figueora 1267
Approximate Cost:
Dorm $10USD
Single/Double $18 to $30USD

High End

Hotel Andino
Tel: (+ 51) 43 421662
Cochachin 357
Approximate Cost:
$110 to $150 USD

Note, prices above may change without notice. We have no business relationship with the above lodging options and there are certainly more to choose from in Huaraz.