Peru's Four Master Plants

Peru's Four Master Plants

Plants as Teachers

In our belief system, all plants have spirits. When we connect with the collective consciousness of these plants in shamanic ceremony we unlock their potential to transform our lives. Just like us, different plant species have different characters and strengths. And, just like visiting a doctor, different plants are prescribed for different conditions. The Way Inn team has a broad knowledge of these plants, as well as other healing modalities. We have confidence that our holistic approach to healing helps you find the unique medicine path that works best for you.

Our healers study widely and have extensive knowledge of shamanism and nature herself to gently accelerate your healing process. We offer ceremonies that utilize all the sacred plants mentioned below.


Ayahuasca works at every level to develop consciousness of our shadow selves and erase barriers to living with an open heart. This profound, visionary medicine literally reboots your life energies in ways that have real staying power. Seekers report that they are changed permanently in positive ways that unfold long after their time in Peru. After Ayahuasca ceremonies you’ll feel lighter, clearer and more aligned. You’ll also feel very relieved from the energy release that accompanies healing unprocessed trauma.


Huachuma (San Pedro) is a sacred plant medicine indigenous to the Andean region that has been in use for thousands of years by the Andean culture. Similar to Peyote, it is a powerful entheogenic plant with mescaline as its active ingredient. Huachuma is a powerful heart opener that connects you deeper with Mother Nature, her creatures and fellow humans. A masculine plant spirit commonly referred to as 'grandfather' compliments and completes your ayahuasca work.


Of all the master teacher plants, Tobacco is the most powerful remover of deeply seated complexes, programing and patterns. Conversely, it is also an incredibly powerful healer that protects, purifies and strengthens your physical and energetic bodies. There are very good reasons it is sacred throughout the Americas.


There is a local saying here in the Andes, “Chew Coca when you want to know the truth.” You’ll find it used widely to treat altitude sickness. We use it in circles to gently open your energy field in order to facilitate better communication and deeper understanding.