Shamanic Dieta Guidelines


Andean Dieta Food

We make the Dieta safe, simple, and delectable.

We created this diet to promote the expansion of your energetic fields and to allow your system to accept the sacred plant medicines. In our belief system, energies that cross can cause bad things to happen. Following the prescribed Dieta is a safety step we take to clarify plant medicine energies and so avoid adverse reactions to the sacred plants.

The Way Inn offers 3 course meals specifically designed with your safety, health and pleasure in mind. These meals are all-inclusive in the retreat packages. Be sure to select your dietary preferences when you book your retreat (i.e. Vegan, gluten-free etc.)

Safe. Simple. Delectable.

Ayahuasca Dieta

Ayahuasca Dieta

Our Dieta is unlike any other, we have tailor made it to answer the demands of the high altitude and your work with the sacred plants. Because your journey and comfort is our main priority we’ll often create individualized meal plans based upon your own personal needs.

There is a certain amount of sacrifice required as part of your personal healing journey. The food component of the Dieta is the simple part, we provide all meals for you so there is no stress trying to figure out what to eat. The key part of the Dieta is having awareness of your thought patterns and legacy feedback loops. Dieta isn’t just about the food. It is also about the dieting of spiritual, emotional, and mental thought processes that keep us in a repetitive feedback loop. Starving out these old patterns is the most important part of the Ayahuasca Dieta.

The ingestion of certain tree barks whilst partaking during your time here helps create an internal environment that will maximize the effects of the sacred plant medicines. Following the Dieta allows you create your own unique relationship with the plants as well as a more hospitable environ for the spirits of the plants to work on your behalf.

Delicious, Healthy Food