About Ayahuasca

About Ayahuasca

About Ayahuasca and Other Plant Medicines

Plant medicine ceremonies at The Way Inn help you awaken to the truth of your being. We’re unique among Ayahuasca retreat centers because we combine authentic Peruvian shamanism, plant medicine expertise, practical knowledge of the eastern wisdom paths along with progressive western psychology in a genuinely comfortable environment geared to the lives of modern people.

In our belief system disease is literally, dis-ease about your personal history that creates pain and physical imbalances. Ayahuasca, tobacco and other plant medicines help surface the roots of dis-ease so unresolved traumas can be addressed consciously, leading to a lighter, healthier and more joyful life.

Pure and Powerful

We offer pure, powerful plant medicine experiences that reconnect you to your intuitive healer. The vast majority of seekers see big changes during and after their stay. Consequently, we ask that you respect our knowledge of the medicine experience by adhering to some simple, safety-oriented ground rules before, during and after your time with us.

In our belief system there is a direct connection between higher spirit and the circumstances of our lives. The Way Inn’s programs seek to perfect our energy bodies in order to experience expanded reality. Entheogenic plants (link), dietas (link) and eastern wisdom are capable of recontextualizing your experience of this existence. This work treats a bevy of issues that may arise from being part of the western world .

Ayahuasca is not a recreational drug. None of the plant medicines we work with are recreational drugs. We utilize powerful ethnogens, delivered in ceremony, with the intention to heal our lives. That said, we do this work in a safe, gentle, compassionate and frequently fun way. Typically seekers move from heavier experiences at first toward lighter, more ecstatic states as the number of ceremonies progress.

Please remember everyone is different and has their own process. Play hard during your retreat, go beyond your comfort zone, for it is there where true growth happens.