Conscious Child Rearing: A Shaman's View

June 16, 2017

Conscious child rearing has been on my mind because I just had a daughter. Some days my hopes and dreams for her eclipse everything else. Because of her I’m inspired to introduce an idea I call Soul Science. Hence it is with this subject matter that I'm beginning these discourses on Soul Science. It is appropriate to begin such an all-encompassing non-linear subject matter, where we all begin our journeys - childhood.

Mental health is becoming the single largest affliction of modern society. Scientific research is beginning to recognize mental health is rooted in formative early years of childhood. Incorporating shamanic understanding into the way we care for and raise our kids could give the next generation a head start.

A Newborn’s Energy Skin

Both modern science and ancient wisdom paths acknowledge the presence of an invisible energy field that surrounds all forms. Just as the physical body has a skin that prevents infection from external agents, so too do our energy bodies. However, for the first two years of human life the energy skin has yet to develop, leaving babies very much at the mercy of our energetic environment.

The offspring of all other mammals enter the world ready to flee predators and feed themselves. For the human foetus to enter the world in such a prepared fashion, it would have to be born at 21 months. However, if this were the case, the mother would perish in childbirth every single time because the larger brain capacity passing through the birth canal would kill the mother.

Larger brains give humans a significant survival advantage, but the extra brain power came at a cost. Our offspring are basically still foetus' for the first year of life. This means they do not have a skin surrounding their energy field, making infants prone to energetic infection by unfriendly, nonphysical forces.

How to Protect Your Child

To prevent problems in the developing psyches of our children, it is imperative that newborns are inside the protective skin of that person's energy field. Practically, this means infants should always be within two metres of one of their primary caregivers,

The contrast between how we could best love and care for our children and the reality of modern child rearing practices is vast. Our children are removed from their mothers at birth and placed in a maternity ward, far outside the sphere of influence of their family members' fields. Then, upon returning home, many children are placed in rooms far from their parents. Both of these practices give rise to unnecessary parasitic psychic infection, whereby detrimental, non-physical energies gain access to the psyches of our children.

So, for the Love of God, and for the Love of our children, make sure for the first two years of your child's life that they are always within the energy field of either parent or a primary caregiver.

What’s more, prior to the development of language, as infants and toddlers we related to our environment primarily through an energetic sensitivity. In other words, babies are psychic! It was only with the advent of language that we surrendered this way of relating to the world. Once we learnt to speak, our parents would often say one thing whilst actually radiating something quite different energetically. Children were punished if they favoured energetic awareness over the words of parents and teachers.

Most of us learnt to deny infinite energy and suppress our energetic sensitivity of the world in favour of obedience to the words we heard from our caregivers. The separation left a psychic scar upon which future learning was built. This denial of self set in place the primary disunity of our being - the inner conflict between our non-linear, intuitively knowing self and our linear, mental, reasoning faculties. For the majority of us, this inner struggle goes on beneath the surface of consciousness, and is experienced as a low-level background tension that is constantly keeping us on edge.

Understanding this, is it any wonder that so many of us experience emotional and mental turmoil later on in life?

Conscious Child Rearing is the Way Out

Ensure the psychic sanctity and sovereignty of your children by making sure they are always within two metres of whomever is caring for them, for the first two years of their lives.

Ensure that the energy of whomever is caring for them reflects the energy you wish for them to be surrounded with and influenced by.

Ensure that the words spoken to your children always, always are a healthy approximation to what's actually going on energetically within you.

Now take a moment and imagine what the world would look like once our entire species grows up free from such parasitic psychic infection. Can you think of any more powerful way to decisively influence our collective evolution in just one generation?

And what a noble societal service those who raise our children in this way perform!