A Warm Welcome to our Holistic Centre

Our mission is to help you awaken to the truth of your being. Combining sacred medicine with ancient wisdom and modern progressive psychology, we support you through your Ayahuasca experience and help you connect to your own intuitive healer.

Our Team looks forward to meeting you!

Healing Through Consciousness

In shamanism, all dis-ease arises from conflict between the shadow and conscious self creating imbalance and blockages in the psyche. Ayahuasca and other plant medicines bring the shadow to the surface, where it can be examined and integrated consciously.

Our Method

Our holistic approach helps you heal and learn to heal yourself. Between Ayahuasca ceremonies, the 10-day retreat includes psychological, shamanic and nutritional consultations, organ cleanses and personalised diet, breathing tuition, meditation, Qi Gong and Yoga.

Not A Recreational Experience

Growth means moving beyond your comfort zone, and this experience is inherently uncomfortable. Ayahuasca sets a challenging pace for our growth as we undo entrenched patterns, and one needs to be ready to personally engage in the healing process.  We can promise only one thing: It won’t be easy, it will be worth it.

More than Just an Ayahuasca Retreat

Understanding, integrating and living the deep personal truths uncovered when drinking ayahuasca is where the real work is done, so we have designed a 10-day programme that both empowers your healing and equips you with tools to sustain it.

Working with Sacred Medicinal Plants

We work closely with ayahuasca and other plant medicines, such as San Pedro. We also provide cleansing through tobacco and other plant ‘teas’. At The Way Inn we endeavour to work with you to tailor your process to your individual needs.

San Pedro Ceremony

We are very, very excited to inform you all that the San Pedro (Huachuma) portion of our 10-Day Ayahuasca Retreat has returned.  San Pedro is a wonderful heart opening sacred medicine, that can connect you deeper with the planet and fellow human beings. 

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Set and Setting

A loving, supportive and experienced staff, highly nutritious diet, fresh air and limitless hot and cold spring water, comfortable accommodation, stunning views and a tranquil setting perfectly nurture your healing journey.

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Helping Raise CONSCIOUSNESS one SOUL at a time.

Our Mission

The Way Inn is an Ayahuasca-based holistic healing and research centre located high in the Peruvian Andes, offering ten-day retreats, Shamanic Dietas, Organ Cleanses, Work Exchanges, and Apprenticeships.  It was founded in 2002 by Alex Good, an Englishman with nine years of experience working and studying with the master plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro in Peru.

The mission of The WAY Inn Centre is to embody sane, holistic, healthy, sustainable modes of life, in search of balance and harmony within individuals, between individuals, and between communities and their environment.

Your Donations go to the Peruvian community and further development of The WAY Inn Holistic Centre.

Our Vision

The vision of The WAY Inn is a network of thriving, spiritually conscious communities that embody ecologically and socially harmonious ways of life.

With a highly experienced healing team comprised of both native Peruvian Shamans and western practitioners, the centre’s primary purpose is to deliver the profound healing potential of South American Shamanism in a way that is accessible to those who arguably need it most – people from so-called ‘developed’ Western societies.

Quotes to Begin your Journey

The Greatest Employment of the mind is the study of its creator.

– Carl Jung

Being deeply love by someone gives you strength, While loving someone deeply gives you courage.

– Lao Tzu

Our scientific power has outrun out spiritual power, We have guided missiles, and misguided men.

– Martin Luther King, JR.

Enlightenment is a destructive process.  It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier.  Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth.  It’s seeing through the facade of pretence.  it’s the complete eradication of everything we imagine to be true.

– Adyashanti

The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.

– Osho

We all need to go out of the mind at least once a day, by going out of our minds we quickly come to our senses.

– Alan Watts

Our Core Principles

  • Alignment with Great Spirit
  • Respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth
  • Service to the Common Good
  • Cooperation within and between communities
  • Integrity in Thought, Word and Deed
  • Honor Work, making it Art and an Offering
  • Acceptance, Compassion and Humility
Click here for a further explanation of the meaning of these principles.

Why Choose The Way Inn?

We know that you have choices in your search for healing centres, and we truly believe that our retreat program is the best you will find. We blend traditional Peruvian Shamanism with a consciousness based approach to healing the body, mind and spirit.

Whether you’re looking for someplace away from the jungle where critters won´t eat you, or for staff who go above and beyond for you, or just for a place with real, hot showers, The Way Inn has you covered.

May your journey here with us be a transformative one that inspires you.

The WAY Inn Monthly Announcements!

We are Proud to Announce:

Spiritual Initiate Program

Personalized Retreats with your accelerated healing in mind.  Two types of courses are offered at this time:

The Healing Initiate 


The Light Warrior Initiate 

Push your Consciousness to the next level with in depth healing techniques!

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San Pedro is Back!

We are very, very excited to inform all Past, Present, and Furture Guests that the San Pedro (Huachuma) portion of our 10-Day Ayahuasca Retreat has returned. 

San Pedro is a wonderful heart opening sacred medicine, that can connect you deeper with the planet and fellow human beings. 


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Attention Guests!
Safe Travel to the Amazon Jungle

Though The WAY Inn is located in the Andean Mountains we wish to extent some helpful advice to those who are still in the research stage of choosing a retreat centre:

Without getting into a lot of the details and as to not promote fear, there have been some instances lately of tourist being robbed at gunpoint by pirates on the way to retreat centers in the jungle. 

Advice for travelers on the rivers of the Amazon, only take; the bare essentials, leave everything else, including passport (keep a Photocopy on you for identification purposes) leave any or all photos you’ve taken back to the hotel/hostel, minimum cash, as you won’t need your credit cards at the retreat centres.

Please use best judgment and do your due diligence before undertaking your beautiful Ayahuasca journey. 

How The WAY Inn is Different

Genuine Care and Support

Our team genuinely cares about you and your personal growth, and will work with you individually to help you achieve your highest potential. You will become a part of our extended family as soon as you arrive. If you don’t believe us read our previous guest testimonials.

Professional Shamanic Team

Healing shouldn’t revolve around one healer. We have a professional, diverse Shamanic team of Peruvian and Western healers with decades of experience working with the plant medicines.

Post-Retreat Reintegration

Long-term healing, with support for a lifetime (not just during the 10 days of retreat). We offer phone or Skype sessions and help build networks in communities worldwide.

Holistic Healing Approach

Healing and personal growth are hard work. Using multiple modalities, we work with guests who are dedicated and committed to real personal growth, not those looking for a quick fix or a recreational experience.

Delicious, Nutritious Food

We make the dieta delicious! A wide variety of beautiful, tasty food designed by our professional nutritionist. Mostly organic and straight from our garden, you’ll look forward to every meal.

Elegant Accommodations

Exquisite rooms with cozy beds and modern comforts. Beautiful Western-style bathrooms, hot showers, and spring water straight from the tap. Beautiful lodge with plenty of amenities.

Spectacular Scenery

Nestled in the Peruvian Andes, surrounded by mountains. A perfect peaceful atmosphere filled with beauty so you can focus on your healing, without the heat and mosquitos of the jungle.

High Healer to Guest Ratio

With a maximum of 12 guests, our large healing team ensures you will receive the personal care and attention you deserve and need.

Latest Retreat Testimonials

Guest tell all about their Ayahuasca and Healing Experience

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Tony from Indialantic Florida says

This is a REAL Spiritual retreat and if you want to learn, this is the place.  It was very well organized and thought out.  I’m impressed with how things were run at The Way Inn.

– March 2015
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Jessica from Toronto Canada Says

It was amazing! Everything was above & beyond expectations.

– April 2015
More Testimonials

Pierce from Las Vegas Nevada says

The People here are truly devoted towards helping others and being AWESOME!

– April 2015
More Testimonials

Claire from Indialantic Florida says

Ryan’s Mantra’s are transcending – My favorite part of the Ayahuasca Ceremony.  The Staff has so much love and knowledge to share.  They’re just as grateful to help/serve as we are to receive. GREAT JOB!! I didn’t want to leave :(

– March 2015
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Sarah from Keswick Canada had this to say

Be ready to open your heart in the best possible setting!

– April 2015
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The Way Inn’s Retreat Accommodations

All Inclusive – 10 day Ayahuasca Retreat Spent in the Beautiful Andean Mountains –

Shared Comfort

$2,100 USD

  • Two Luxury Rooms with two Single Beds Shared with another Guest Private bathroom and Fireplace in Central Bungalows.
  • Two Comfortable Rooms with two Single Beds Shared with another Guest, Private bathroom.
  • One Spacious Room with two Single Beds Shared with another Guest using a Shared bathroom.

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Private Luxury

$3,000 USD

  • Two Luxury Rooms.  One with a King bed and the other with two Single Beds.  Both with a Private bathroom, fireplace and bathtub.
  • Can be booked privately or shared with a companion.


Book Your Room

Guests will be allocated rooms on a first come first serve basis, First:
to the Luxury Rooms, Comfortable Rooms, and then the room with Shared Bathroom.  

Depending on the number of guests on the retreat we will try to give each guest a private room if possible.
 In order to keep the retreats open for more personalized attention for guest, we can only accommodate a max of 14 guests per retreat.

What is All-Inclusive?

  • Includes Taxi service to and from The WAY Inn from Huaraz. 
  • 5 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • San Pedro (Huachuma) Ceremony (offered if you omit your last Ayahuasca Ceremony
  • Sacred Plant Medicine to Complement your Healing Process
  • All Meals (Three Course)
  • Laundry Services
  • Hospitality Services (Bed Turn downs, Maid Services)
  • Retreat Support Activities
  • Energy Healings
  • Guided Meditations
  • Personal Consultations
  • Pre-Post Retreat Support
  • Yoga/Qi Gong
  • Lots of Hugs <3


What Other Guests are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our past visitors do the talking!


The Best Experience of my Life!

 “It was one of the best experiences of my life, the perfect conclusion to the first third of my life and a good dose of energy for the next chapter..”

Luke, U.S.A



Beautiful Heart Filled Journey!

 “This truly has been an eye opening and enriching experience, that I feel will be with for months to come. Can’t say enough for all the love and support I received from the staff that helped facilitate this beautiful heart filled journey!”

Meredith, U.S.A



I Really Appreciated the Personal Touch!

 “I really appreciated the personal touch. The care, love and professional guidance that came along with the ceremonies. I really like the package of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation…Without all those other activities, the experience of drinking Ayahuasca would not make the same huge impact.”

-Ari, Holland



More Testimonials

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The Personalized Retreats

with your accelerated healing in mind.


We strive to fully open the Heart Centre of each individual Initiate in the hopes they bring their love and experience to others out in the world.

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